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Visitor Management System – Need of the Hour

Police-Citizen relationship is now one of the most important concern for Administration. Policing is at the core a service provider for the citizens. Police in India is not considered as people friendly but is seen as forceful and intimidating department. 

The initiative of ‘Visitor management System’ (VMS) was a step towards improving its image. Adivid Technologies started VMS at Palghar using a Mobile Application for capturing visitors information at every Police Station and other Police Departments. Citizens receive a digital pass on their phone via SMS and while they checkout they receive a feedback form about their experience. Administration gets a detailed analytical report of all these visitors and their visit pattern. This not only has enabled Police take appropriate improvements in their working but also improved considerable confidence among citizens. 

We have scaled this module in Police Departments of Mumbai railways and Raigad District as well and received quite positive feedback.

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